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31 Unique Wedding Ideas You’ll Love

Unique Wedding Ideas F

When most people think of weddings, they think of ​traditions that have been followed for centuries.

While there is nothing wrong with following ​those traditions, some couples want to do something different for their big day.

If you are looking for unique ​wedding ideas, you have come to the right place.

From alternative venues to creative ​catering options. We have everything you need to make your wedding unforgettable. We have also added unique ​​​vera wedding dress ideas to our list.

Here are some of our unique wedding ideas:

  1. Have Your Wedding​ at a Unique Location

Unique Wedding Location

Consider having your wedding at a location that is​ meaningful to you and your fiancé or will give your guests a unique experience.

For example, if you and your fiancé love the​ outdoors, consider having your ceremony and reception in a picturesque national park​ surrounded by bouquets of red roses.

  1. Vera Wedding Ideas​ for the Classy Bride

If you’re looking for wedding ideas that are both elegant and timeless, look no further than Vera Wang.

Wang is a world-renowned fashion designer who​ has been dressing brides in her unique style for decades. From classic ball gowns to modern sheath​ dresses, Wang’s designs are sure to turn heads on your big day. Here are some of our favourite Vera Wang wedding ideas to get you started.

  • The Ball Gown

Vera Wang Ball Gown
Image Credit: Vera Wang Ball Gown

One of Wang’s most iconic silhouettes​ is the ball gown. This dress style is perfect for the bride who wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day.

The voluminous skirt creates an hourglass shape​ that is flattering on any body type, while the fitted bodice accentuates your waist.

If you’re looking for a traditional dress​ with a twist, take a cue from Wang and opt for a ball gown with an asymmetrical neckline​ or one shoulder strap.

  • The Sheath Dress

Vera Wang Sheath Dress
Image Credit: Vera Wang Sheath Dress

For the bride who wants a more modern look, Wang​ offers plenty of sleek and sexy sheath dresses. This silhouette hugs your curves and shows​ off your figure in all the right ways.

If you’re worried about looking too casual, fear not—Wang’s​ designs are created with luxurious fabrics like silk and satin, so you’ll still look​ and feel like a million bucks.

To add a bit of drama to your look, go for​ a sheath dress with a train or intricate beading or lace details. It will look great when​ you are surrounded by all white roses!

  • The A-Line Dress

Vera Wang A Line Dress
Image Credit: Vera Wang A Line Dress

If you can’t decide between a ball gown​ and a sheath dress, consider an A-line silhouette—it’s the best of both worlds! An A-line dress is fitted through the bodice​ and then gradually flares out at the waist, creating an ‘A’ shape.

This versatile dress style can be dressed​ up or down to suit your needs. For a formal affair, go for an A-line dress made of lace or tulle; for a more​ laid-back celebration, opt for a chiffon or satin fabric instead.

Rest assured, no matter what you choose, knowing​ that you’ll look beautiful in an A-line dress from Vera Wang.

  1. Choose an Unconventional Wedding Dress.

Unconventional Wedding Dress

Choose an unconventional wedding dress if you want​ to make a statement on your wedding day. You don’t need to choose from a traditional wedding dress​ or even a luxury one from the Vera wedding dress collection.

There are many options, from unique styles​ to one-of-a-kind fabrics. You’ll turn heads when you walk down the aisle​ in a truly unique gown!

  1. Serve Creative Catering Options

Creative Wedding Food Options

Wedding food is often overlooked, but​ it doesn’t have to be! Consider treating your guests to unique catering options they won’t find at every​ other wedding they attend.

For example. How about serving gourmet​ passed appetisers instead of a traditional sit-down dinner or hosting a food truck rally? You can even get creative​ with your dessert options by offering s’mores bars or make-your-own ice cream sundaes.

  1. Choose Unique Wedding Attire

Unique Wedding Attire

Attire is often one of the first things wedding​ guests will notice when they see wedding photos. So why not choose something that stands out? Consider doing away with formal gowns and tuxedos in favour of a little more unique attire. Like casual​ ensembles or even rental costumes!

There are many options to choose from, whether​ you’re looking for a colourful wedding dress to go long with the 50 red roses or a vintage suit. Make sure your​ wedding attire reflects your personality as a couple!

If you want to go all out, you could even ask​ your guests to dress in a theme with the wedding itself.

  1. Use Creative Decorations

Creative Wedding Decorations

There are so many ways to get creative with​ your wedding decorations! Instead of traditional flowers, try incorporating unique elements like feathers, branches, or berries​ into your rose bouquets and centrepieces.

You could also use non-traditional materials​ like fabric or ribbon to create DIY decorations. Remember lighting too! String lights, lanterns, and even ​candles can add a touch of romance to any wedding setting.

  1. Have Fun with​ your Wedding Photography – Use a Photo Booth

wedding photo booth

Your wedding photos will be cherished memories you​ will look back on for years, so why not have fun with them? Instead of posed portraits, consider hiring​ a photo booth or creating a “photo op” area where guests can get creative and have fun!

And there are so many ways to make it extra​ special. From choosing unique props to adding personal touches like photos and videos. A photo booth is a great way to capture​ your big day’s memories!

You could even hire a photographer who specialises​ in aerial photography to get some truly unique shots of your wedding day!

  1. Plan an Unforgettable Send-off

The wedding send-off is often one of the day’s most​ memorable moments, so why not make it extra special? Instead of using traditional rice or birdseed, consider​ using glow sticks, bubbles, or confetti.

You could even light lanterns and release them into​ the sky for a truly magical moment. Whatever you choose, make sure it reflects your personality​ and style as a couple!

  1. Give your Guests Unique Favours.

Wedding Gift Favours

Your wedding favours are a great way to thank​ your guests for sharing on your special day. But instead of giving them the same old boring​ trinkets, why not give them something they will use and enjoy?

For example, you could give your guests​ a unique recipe card with a dish you cooked for them at the wedding. Or, if you feel generous, give them​ a gift certificate to a local restaurant or spa!

  1. Have a Themed Wedding

Themed Weddings

A wedding theme is a great way to add extra fun​ and excitement to your big day. And there are so many fun themes to choose from! For example, you could​ have a beach-themed wedding with sandcastles and seashells. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, you could even have a destination wedding in another country 😁

  1. Create a Unique Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Wedding budget? What budget? Just kidding! But​ seriously, there are many ways to save money on your wedding without sacrificing style or quality. For example, you could DIY​ your invitations, decorations, red rose bouquets and favours.

Or, you could forego traditional vendors in favour of more​ budget-friendly options like Craigslist or Etsy. You could even cut costs by getting married​ during the week or off-season!

  1. Get Creative with your Wedding Registry.

Wedding Marriage Register

When it comes to wedding registries, couples often​ feel they have to play it safe. After all, this is a big event, and you want to ensure you get​ everything you need. Yet, there are no hard and fast rules on registries.

If you feel like being creative, go for it! There are plenty of ways​ to personalise your registry and make it unique to you as a couple. One option is to focus​ on experiences rather than material items.

This could include dance lessons, cooking classes, or even​ a weekend getaway. Another option is registering for items that can be used in many ways. For example, instead​ of registering for separate serving platters and bowls, look for one versatile piece​ that can be used as both.

  1. Have an Intimate Wedding

Intimate Wedding

If you’re not into the traditional big wedding​ scene, why not have an intimate gathering instead? There are many ways to make your small wedding special.

From choosing a unique wedding venue to personalising​ your guest list. And best of all, intimate weddings are usually much more budget-friendly than traditional weddings!

  1. Plan a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a perfect way to add some​ adventure to your big day! And there are so many unique places to choose from, whether you’re looking for​ a tropical paradise or a historic city. Research before you book anything, as destination weddings​ can take time to plan!

  1. Have a Unique Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Rehearsal

Your rehearsal dinner is perfect for getting creative and​ having fun! For example, you could host a themed dinner party with costumes and games. Or, you could ditch​ the formal sit-down dinner in favour of a more casual gathering.

Like a picnic in the park or a DIY pizza party 🥳. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that everyone will enjoy!

  1. Plan a Unique Honeymoon

Unique Wedding Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind​ after your big day. But why settle for the typical beach vacation? There are so many unique places to visit, whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled trip or a relaxing getaway. And best of​ all, you can usually find great deals on honeymoon packages!

  1. Have a Unique Wedding Website and Save-the-dates

While wedding websites are not a new concept, couples are​ constantly coming up with new and creative ways to make theirs stand out. One popular trend is​ to include a save-the-date on the website. This way, guests can mark the date in their calendars and get​ a sneak preview of what the wedding will be like.

Another way to make your wedding website unique is to include​ photos​ and videos from your engagement session. This is a great way to show off your personality​ as a couple and get everyone​ excited for the big day. You can create a one-of-a-kind wedding website​ by thinking outside the box.

  1. Have a One-of-a-kind Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is a cornerstone of your ​wedding day, so why not make it extraordinary? You’ll create lasting memories of your special day by ​personalising your ceremony with unique readings or writing your wedding vows!

  1. Give out Unique Wedding Favours.

Wedding favours are an excellent chance to ​let your guests know how grateful you are. And there are plenty of ways to make them extraordinary. Such as selecting one-of-a-kind designs or adding personal details​ like pictures and videos.

Furthermore, wedding favours are a​ great way to thank your guests for being part of your special day. Plus, party favours are a great way to keep the memories​ of your big day alive!

  1. Have a One-of-a-kind Reception

Wedding Reception

Your wedding reception is the perfect opportunity to let​ your personality shine through. And there are so many ways to make it extra special, from choosing​ unique decorations, 100s of pink roses to adding personal touches like photos and videos. A fantastic​ reception will help you create lasting memories of your big day!

  1. Have an Unforgettable First Dance

Wedding FIrst Dance

Why not make your first dance even more memorable?​ You can add personal touches such as photos and videos or pick unique songs no one else has. An original first dance will help you remember your big day for years!

  1. Have a One-of-a-kind Guest Book

Wedding Guest Book

A guest book is a perfect way for your guests​ to feel involved in your wedding day. And there are many ways to make it unique. You can choose from different designs, add personal​ touches like photos or videos, or even include a message from the bride and groom. A guest book is a great way to keep your big day’s​ memories alive!

  1. Give out One-of-a-kind Wedding Invitations.

Your wedding invitation is one of the first things​ your guests will see about your big day. So make sure it’s unforgettable! Designing something personalised​ and unique can be done in many ways; consider adding photographs or videos.

Also, remember that the invitations are a great way​ to set the tone for what kind of event you’re hosting!

  1. Have a One-of-a-kind Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is more than a delicious dessert. It’s also a beautiful​ decoration for your reception venue.

You can personalise your cake in many ways, from​ unique flavours to adding unique details like photos and videos. A one-of-a-kind wedding cake will​ help you cherish the memories of your big day forever!

  1. Serve up Unique Wedding Cocktails.

Your wedding cocktails are perfect for getting creative​ and showing off your personality as a couple. There are so many ways to make them extra​ special, from choosing unique recipes to adding personal touches like photos and videos.

Wedding cocktails are a great way​ to get your guests talking and start the party right!

  1. Send Out One-of-a-kind Thank-you Cards.

Thank you cards are the perfect opportunity to​ show your guests how much you appreciate them. And there are so many ways to make them extra special, from choosing​ unique designs to adding personal touches like photos and videos.

Plus, thank you cards are a great way to keep​ the memories of your big day alive!

  1. Have a One-of-a-kind Bridal Shower

Your bridal shower is the perfect opportunity​ to let your personality shine through. Make it extra special by adding personal touches like​ decorations, photos and videos.

A bridal shower that’s genuinely unique​ will help you create lasting memories of your big day!

  1. Have a One-of-a-kind Engagement Party

Wedding Engagement Party

Your engagement party is the perfect opportunity to let your ​personality shine through. With so many ways to make it extra special. Like using fancy decorations or adding personal touches like photos and videos. A fantastic engagement ​party will help you create lasting memories of your big day!

  1. Use Unique Flowers in Your Bouquet.

Unique Wedding Bouquet

Use unique carnation flowers to make your wedding bouquet stand out from the rest. There are many options, from exotic blooms with unusual colours or even 100 fresh pink roses. You’ll have a smell that’s unlike any other!

  1. Use Personal ​Photos and Videos in Your Decor.

Wedding Photo Decorations

If you want your big day to be unique, use personal photos​ and videos in your wedding decor. There are many ways to do it, from photo displays to​ video montages. Your guests will love being able to relive your big day through your photos and videos!

  1. Serve Unique​ Food at Your Reception.

If you want your wedding reception to be truly​ memorable, serve fantastic food. There are many options, from gourmet cuisine to local specialities. Your guests​ will love indulging in a meal that’s unlike any other!


There you have it. Our 31 unique wedding ideas that​ will surely make your wedding day memorable. Not just for you and your family but for​ all the wedding guests that attend.

A bonus of having a non-traditional wedding is that​ you will save money that you can then use to start your future together as a couple​ on solid ground.

Unique Wedding Ideas FAQs

How can I make my wedding more unique?

One way to make your wedding more unique​ is to personalise it as much as possible. For example, you could include special touches like a handwritten​ note from your guests or have a family member or friend officiate the ceremony. You could also choose an unusual​ venue, like a botanical garden or private estate. Or incorporate unique elements​ into your decor, like hanging plants or string lights. Lastly, don’t be afraid to go against tradition – if there’s ​something you want, go for it!

What is the most unusual wedding?

One couple got married on a hot air balloon. Another couple got married at an airport.

Other unusual weddings include getting ​married underwater, in a tepee, or in the middle of a forest. Any location can be made special with enough​ creativity and planning!

How can I make my wedding not traditional?

There are a few ways to make your wedding not traditional. One way​ is to have a destination wedding. This can be fun because it’s a new experience for​ all your guests. They will have to travel somewhere they may not have been before, and they will get to spend a weekend​ or longer in a new place.

Another way to make your wedding non-traditional is by having​ a themed wedding. This can be based on any theme you want, from a favourite movie or book to a particular​ period or style. You can choose something as specific as the roaring ’20s or Ancient Greece. Having​ a themed wedding can give you lots of creative freedom about decorations, food, and​ even your wedding dress!

Finally. You can also make your wedding non-traditional​ by getting married in an unconventional location. This could be anything from a park or beach​ to a museum or art gallery. Choosing a place that has meaning to you will make your wedding​ even more special.

What can I do instead of a reception?

Consider having a picnic if you’re looking for a fun, unique alternative​ to a traditional wedding reception!

Is Vera Wang a luxury brand?

Vera Wang is considered a luxury brand. She started as a designer​ for bridal gowns and quickly became known for her luxurious designs. Her brand has expanded​ to include other types of clothing, jewellery, and even home decor.

What is a reasonable budget for a wedding UK?

There is no one answer to this question since couples’ budgets​ vary greatly depending on their circumstances. But, a good starting point for estimating wedding costs​ in the UK would be to budget £10,000-£15,000. This would cover things like the cost of the​ venue, catering, flowers, music, and photography.

How to find more unique wedding ideas?

One great way to find unique wedding ideas is to use the free Pinterest​ website. This website allows you to create boards with images of things that inspire you, and then​ you can share these boards with others. You can also search for specific ideas on the​ Pinterest website. For more, Download the app. The free Pinterest app will help you find unique and budgeted​ wedding ideas.

How can I make my wedding cheaper UK?

You can do a few things to make your wedding cheaper​ in the UK. One option is to have a minor wedding party. Consider having the wedding ceremony and reception​ at the exact location. Another option is to choose a less expensive venue. And finally, you could save money​ on catering and decorations. Using these tips, you can save hundreds or even thousands of pounds​ on your wedding expenses.

How can I have a unique but cheap wedding?

Have a fantastic wedding on a budget by choosing a beautiful and affordable location.

Some of the most breathtaking locations in the world also happen​ to be some of the most affordable. Consider having your wedding ceremony on a beach at sunset​ or in a botanical garden filled with colourful flowers. If you’re looking for an indoor venue, consider​ a historic building or museum with beautiful architecture. By choosing a stunning location, you’ll save money on decorations and save money on your photography​ budget as well.

What do I need for a rustic wedding?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to​ this question. As the necessary items for a rustic wedding will vary depending on your​ celebration’s specific theme and aesthetics. But, some general ideas that might be useful include​ the following:

  • Using natural materials​ like wood, straw, or stone;
  • Simple decor like bunting​ or flowers;
  • An outdoor location such​ as a garden or farm;
  • Having a casual, laid-back​ atmosphere;

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