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Which flower would you buy for a September Birthday…

September Birthday

If you “Aster” have a Birthday, September is a good month for it fall in.

Aster is the Birth Flower of September, a flower that brings the celebratory spirit. This is because it’s seen to bring alluring and charismatic nature, kindness and love. Gifting a big, beautiful bunch of Aster is the next best thing to a Birthday hug.

Linking a birth month with a flower is kind of like linking a birthstone or zodiac symbol, but with a flower, it is said to reflect the traits of a person’s personality.

Some fun facts about this beautiful bloom – It was believed by many that burning the Aster flower, the smoke that is given off would protect those within it from snakes. The seeds of some of the family members of the Aster flower are in the shape of a miniature parachute, they can be seen flying away in the wing like a cluster of tiny people jumping out of a plane. Butterflies LOVE the Aster flower, this is because the season that they bloom in coincides with the peak of the butterfly’s migration. Ancient Greeks name the Aster flower after the Greek work aster. Which means star, they used to make wreaths made up from aster flowers to place at alters to pay a tribute to the gods.

As we say hello to the colder months of the year we are greeted with these versatile beauties, surrounding us with varieties of beautiful colours to keep our days full of flowers. A huge Happy Birthday to everyone who has a Birthday this month, you are the lucky ones to have aster flowers represent you.