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How Valentines Day is Celebrated in Different Countries of the World

How valentines day is celebrated in different countries of the world

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a variety of ways around​ the world. Each with its unique traditions and customs. Whether it’s giving​ someone half a dozen Red Roses, chocolates, or cards. Or even gifts like jewellery. There are several different methods​ for celebrating love in countries across the globe!

So join us as we explore this special Day together!

History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a memorable holiday celebrated since ancient​ times to honour the spirit of love. The ancient Roman festival Lupercalia was held​ at the ides of February each year. It included a celebration of young lovers and fertility. When Valentine’s Day eventually became associated with love, it was known first as an English​ courtly tradition during the Middle Ages.

The idea of sending cards and gifts in recognition​ of a shared affection was popularised in England in the 1700s by a writer who suggested​ writing anonymous letters under the label “From your Valentine.”

The holiday became more widely celebrated​ with the rise of commercialism in the 1800s. This ushered in the custom​ we recognize today. Exchanging cards, flowers (like red roses), chocolates, and other gifts between loved ones on February 14th​ to express devotion and mutual affection.

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World​ That Make the Day of Love Special

Day Of Love Special

Valentine’s Day is a special day​ for many worldwide. Its customs and traditions can vary from country to country. So, let’s take a look at some​ of the most famous Valentine’s Day festivities and practices found​ in different countries around the globe!

1. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Israel

In Israel, Valentine’s Day is celebrated​ as Tu B’Av. A holiday that traditionally marks the beginning of the harvest season. It was once known for being​ a day when unmarried women would dress in white and dance in the vineyards​ in hopes of finding their true love.

This romantic custom dates​ back to ancient times when it was believed every young woman should have the chance to see her true​ love. Interestingly, it wasn’t always about​ romance.

In more recent years, Tu B’Av has become a day for celebrating​ all forms of love, not just romantic relationships but also friendships, family ties​ and spiritual connections.

Today’s celebrations are quite different compared​ to the original customs of this Day.

Instead of unmarried women gathering in vineyards​ and dancing around dressed in white. Many Israelis now gather together around bonfires or take part in special events​ such as concerts or hikes hosted by local organisations.

Other popular activities include traditional baking treats​ like honey cake, creating festive decorations and making homemade gifts​ for loved ones.

2. Vietnam Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Vietnam as a special holiday​ for couples. It is usually associated with gifting flowers and chocolate​ to the one you love or going out on romantic dates.

In recent years, Valentine’s celebrations​ have become more creative and modern. Like the famous Valentine’s Day “selfie” challenge, where people take pictures​ of themselves at different locations around town.

On Valentine’s Day in Vietnam, it is common to give gifts​ such as jewellery, a rose bouquet or clothing items that symbolize your​ commitment to each other.

This could be something like bracelets engraved​ with both names. Pocket watches inscribed with a heartfelt message. Or hand-crafted jewellery boxes​ filled with precious stones representing eternal love.

Another unique Valentine’s Day tradition held in Vietnam​ is Ngày Yêu Thương, which translates to “Love and Care Day”.

On this Day, couples are encouraged to spend time together​ expressing their love for one another by engaging in meaningful conversations​ or taking part in activities such as going out to dinner, attending a movie or playing a show, or simply spending​ the day at home cuddling up on the sofa with some hot cocoa.

3. How Finland Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Finland​ with its unique twist known as Ystävänpäivä or “Friendship Day”. On this Day, friends exchange cards​ expressing their appreciation for each other through poems, drawings or thoughtful​ messages.

Red roses are also popular on Ystävänpäivä as they symbolize​ friendship and loyalty between two people.

The tradition dates back to the late 19th century​ when a Finnish artist named Akseli Gallen-Kallela received a bouquet of roses from his friend​ Edvard Grieg, best known as a Norwegian composer.

The gesture was seen as an expression of appreciation​ and loyalty and soon became popular among friends in Finland to show their affection​ for one another on Valentine’s Day.

Ystävänpäivä is also celebrated with special dinners​ and drinks that often feature traditional Finnish dishes such as reindeer meat, mashed potatoes​ and lingonberries.

People may also opt for special Valentines​ themed desserts like chocolate mousse​ or heart-shaped cakes.

Guests at these gatherings are encouraged to exchange small gifts​ or cards to show appreciation for each other.

4. Valentine’s Day in Denmark

In Denmark, Valentine’s Day is known as Valentinsdag. It is celebrated​ with various special activities and traditions.

It is customary for couples to exchange cards​ or gifts such as flowers, chocolate or jewellery to express love and gratitude​ towards one another on this special day.

Valentinsdag festivities also include family dinners​. Where traditional Danish dishes like medisterpølse (a type of sausage), æbleskiver​ (fried dough balls filled with jam) and flæskesteg (roast pork) are served in honour of Valentine’s Day.

Another popular activity on Valentinsdag​ is attending a Valentinsbal or “Valentine’s Ball”. These events are held in town halls, restaurants​ and hotels. There couples can dance the night away to celebrate their love for one another.

Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity for single people​ to find potential partners at these Valentinsbal​ gatherings.

In Denmark, Valentine’s Day marks the official​ start of the “spring cleaning” season. Many take this Day as a chance to clean out their homes and prepare​ for the warmer months ahead.

This tradition dates back to ancient times​ when Romans used Valentine’s Day to prepare their homes for upcoming festivals​ and religious ceremonies.

5. South Korea Valentine’s Day

South Koreans celebrate Valentine’s Day​ with a unique twist called “White Day”. On this Day, men are expected to return the favour and give gifts​ to their female friends or partners in appreciation for Valentine’s Day.

Every Day gift items include​ jewellery, 100 roses, chocolates​, and stuffed animals.

White Day also marks the beginning of what many Koreans​ refer to as “The Month of Love“.

Officially it starts on Valentine’s Day & continues​ until St. Anthony’s Day (February 14th). During this month, couples spend time together engaging​ in romantic activities. Such as taking walks through parks or going out for romantic dinners.

One popular activity during The Month of Love​ is attending “Sweetness Week”. A weeklong South West China festival featuring kite flying and carnival rides.

Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity for couples​ to exchange elaborate gifts. Such as ninety-nine roses and take part in special romantic nights​ out like “Candle Light Night” or “Romantic Night at the Beach”.

Valentine’s Day celebrations close on Saint Anthony’s​ Day, when men are expected to give chocolates or presents to their female​ friends or loved ones.

6. How Japan Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day in Japan is popularly​ known as “White Day” and is celebrated on March 14th. This Day marks the one-month anniversary​ of Valentine’s Day. It is seen as an opportunity for men to return the favour to women by giving them gifts such as chocolates or flowers.

People also commonly exchanged cards or letters​ expressing their love for one another during this period.

Besides exchanging gifts and cards. White Day​ festivities typically include romantic dinners and activities like visiting hot springs or watching​ fireworks together.

Couples may also attend special events​ like Valentine’s festivals or Valentine’s concerts, where they can enjoy music and entertainment​ with each other.

7. This is How India Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in India​ with various special activities and traditions. Couples often exchange gifts such as jewellery, chocolates or cards on Valentine’s Day​ to express their love for one another.

Many couples organize mass weddings and host romantic dinners​ at home to commemorate Valentine’s Day in India. Lovers may also exchange kisses for expressing​ their feelings for each other.

Additionally. Valentine’s Day celebrations often include Saint Valentine’s​ services held in churches across the country.

8. Valentine’s Day in the United States

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the United States with various traditions​ and activities. On Valentines Day, couples exchange cards, gifts, carnation flowers and chocolates for expressing their love for each other. It is also customary​ for family members to send Valentine’s messages or cards to their loved ones.

Valentine’s Day in the United States

The entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day is often​ seen as an opportunity for people to show love and appreciation for one another by sending cards, Valentine’s decorations​, or attending special parties.

National Chocolate Day, also takes place on February 14th​, marks an occasion for lovers to exchange chocolates as a sign of affection. Valentine’s Day festivities​ end on Saint Valentine’s Day when couples exchange kisses and exchange Valentine’s cards​ or letters expressing their love for one another.

9. Valentine’s Day in Estonia

The Valentines Day celebration in Estonia is unique​ and full of traditions. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14th, with couples exchanging gifts. Couples also typically​ attend special events like romantic dinners or Valentine’s concerts.

Furthermore, the entire week leading up to Valentine’s Day​ is seen as an opportunity for people to show love and appreciation for one another.

On Saint Anthony’s Day, which takes place on February 15th​, men are expected to give chocolates or presents to their female friends or partners​ in appreciation for Valentine’s Day.

To finish Valentine’s celebrations, lovers exchange​ ninety-nine roses or kisses to express their love for each other.

10. How France Celebrates Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in France with various traditions​ and activities. On Valentine’s Day couples exchange gifts such as flowers, cards or chocolates to express their love​ for one another.

France Celebrates Valentines Day

Valentine’s celebrants in France may also attend special events​ like romantic dinners or Valentine’s concerts where they can enjoy music and entertainment together.

On Saint Anthony’s Day men are expected to give chocolates​ or presents to their female friends or loved ones in appreciation for Valentine’s Day. To finish Valentine’s celebrations​, couples exchange 100 pink roses or kisses, expressing​ their love for each other.

11. Philippines Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Philippine’s people go out of their way to decorate​ the streets and shops with Valentine’s decorations, filling the air​ with romantic vibes.

On Valentines Day, it is common for couples to attend mass weddings​ or unique Valentine’s festivals. They can enjoy performances by local artists​ in a romantic atmosphere.

As an alternative activity, couples often organise unique​ Valentine’s cruises around Manila Bay. They can spend time admiring​ the beautiful city skyline from the comfort of a boat.

In some rural areas in the Philippines, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with unusual traditions such as throwing water balloons​ at each other for fun or carrying mock coffins around town.

Other festivities may include dragon boat racing competitions​ or “candle-lighting” ceremonies where couples light candles together to express their love​ and commitment.

Another popular tradition on Valentine’s Day in the Philippines​ is “pamamanhikan”. This traditionally involves parents gathering​ at the home of a young man who wishes to marry his partner.

During this gathering, parents discuss​ various topics such as marriage arrangements, family finances and plans while enjoying​ dinner together.

12. How China elebrates Valentines Day

On Valentine’s Day, the Chinese attend unique​ Valentine’s concerts or romantic dinners where they can enjoy music and​ entertainment together.

Another popular activity is Qixi or Chinese Valentines Day. A traditional​ Chinese festival celebrated by young lovers on August 17th of the lunar calendar​ each year.

On this Day, couples will gather at local parks or temples​ dressed in traditional costumes and exchange presents like jewellery or chocolates​ for good luck.

Some couples will even take part in acrobatic performances​ such as lion dances or kite flying competitions to show appreciation​ and love for one another.

To finish off Valentine’s celebrations, couples often exchange​ ninety-nine roses or kisses. This ancient custom stems from the story of​ two lovers. Niulang and Zhinu, who were tragically separated by a river while trying to be together​ on Valentine’s Day.

In a remarkable act of love. Niulang crossed​ the river using magpies that formed a bridge allowing him to reach Zhinu. Thus when Valentine’s day ​comes every year, couples exchange ninety-nine roses as a reminder of their ​undying love for each other.

13. In Canada Valentine’s Day is Celebrated by:

Romantic dinners are also trendy in Canada. Many restaurants​ offer unique Valentine’s menus that couples can enjoy​ together.

Some people even organize house parties​ inviting their friends for an evening​ of fun, music and dancing.

Couples in Canada may also opt for more unusual activities​, such as skiing trips or hot air balloon rides, to express their love​ for one another.

Valentine’s Day in Canada is also celebrated​ with the traditional exchange of ninety-nine roses or kisses as a sign of love and commitment​ to each other.

14. Valentine’s Day in the United Kingdom

Some Valentine’s traditions in the UK also involve participating​ in fun activities such as karaoke night or attending Valentine’s theatre performances​ in London’s West End.

Couples can also go on Valentines-themed​ river cruises​ along the River Thames. This provides stunning views of many famous landmarks​ in London.

For those wanting a more relaxed​ atmosphere, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a romantic picnic outdoors with a Valentines​ themed hamper.

Or, for something more ​intimate. Couples can attend traditional ​Victorian tea houses where they can enjoy tea and cakes while listening to ​romantic music being played live by local musicians.

Final Thoughts!

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different ways worldwide. Each ​country has distinct traditions and customs. Whether it’s trying out ​traditional activities or going for a romantic dinner, Valentine’s Day can be enjoyed by everyone! So why not try​ something new this year to make Valentine’s Day even more special?

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day FAQs:

What country celebrates​ Valentine’s Day the most?

The most popular Valentine’s Day celebration occurs in Iran​, Honduras and Nepal. Valentine’s Day is an official holiday celebrated in Iran with festivals​ and events such as street parties or parades. Hondurans usually exchange gifts on ​Valentine’s Day.

While Nepalese couples often attend ​Valentine’s concerts or romantic dinners. In Iraq, Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday. but, it is still​ celebrated with many couples attending special Valentines-themed events like concerts​ or dinners.

What is Valentine’s Day​ called in other countries?

Valentine’s Day is known as San Valentín​ in Spanish-speaking countries. Valentin Tag in Germany, and Sankta Valentine Tago in ​Esperanto. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is referred to as botan no hi, while it is called a​ saint Valentine in France.

In India, Valentine’s Day is traditionally referred to as Kama Daysh​, while in Greece, it is known as Festa tis Eras.

Why is Valentine’s Day​ not celebrated in some countries?

Valentine’s Day is not celebrated in some countries​ for religious or cultural reasons. In Saudi Arabia, for example. Valentine’s Day is seen as an ​occasion promoting extramarital relationships. So this holiday​ is not officially recognized.

Similarly, ​Valentine’s Day has been banned in some Muslim countries​ such as Pakistan and Indonesia. Here officials have argued​ that it undermines Islamic values.

Who was St Valentine, and what did he do?

St Valentine was a ​Roman priest who was martyred in 270 AD. He is believed to have​ been trying to help young couples wed against Emperor Claudius II’s​ wishes.

He was arrested and executed for his acts of defiance. Today Valentines Day​ is celebrated in honour of St Valentine’s ​sacrifice for love.

Why do countries celebrate ​Valentine’s Day differently?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different ways ​worldwide, depending on local culture and customs. Valentine’s Day is a formal occasion​ in some countries when couples exchange gifts, and romantic dinner dates are commonplace.

In others. Valentine’s Day is more of an informal celebration​ with people participating in activities such as ​karaoke nights or theatre performances​ to show their love for each other.

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