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Rose & Honeysuckle are June Birthday Flowers

Rose & Honeysuckle are June Birthday Flowers

It’s June! Who can believe that we are halfway through this year already? Time is flying by. Spring is almost over and summer is so close, summers are pretty much non-existent in this country but when they do decide to make an appearance its blooming wonderful!

If it’s your Birthday this month, you should treat yourself to some Rose’s and/or Honeysuckles. Do you know why? Maybe not… It’s because they are June’s birth flowers. What beautiful flowers they are to represent such a glorious month.

The Rose, a cherished flower that has quite a few different meanings. The one that I like the most is the pink Rose, which means perfect happiness. Something I think we are all aiming for. The meanings vary depending on the colour of the rose, for example, the red Rose means “I love you”, but if you mix them up a bit and go for red & white it means that you are inseparable. This is why they are perfect for giving to someone as a gift, the flowers can do the talking for you.

Here are some other meanings. The white Rose – Innocence, purity, “I am worthy of you”, “You are heavenly”. The yellow Rose – Conveys jealousy & friendship. (Hopefully not at the same time) The honeysuckle symbolises everlasting bonds of love. All perfect choices to gift to someone on a special day.

We want to wish anyone who is having a birthday this month a wonderful Happy Birthday from all of us at Homelands florists.