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Edible Flowers

Edible Flower

Flowers are not just eye candy, they are nutritious and 9/10 pretty tasty when used in the right recipe. They’re commonly used for decoration, a small detail to spruce up a dull salad or dress a cake so that it is presented with pretty colours. Many of the fruits and vegetables that we consume on a daily basis grow from a flower, but don’t just go and pick the next pretty petal that you see because some can be poisonous.

Chamomile is one of many that are commonly used in herbal teas, it’s known for reducing stress and soothing your tummy but most of all to help you sleep. This wonderful small, white daisy-like flower has both leaves and petals that are edible which have a sweet taste.

Chives flowers have a distinctive flavour of onion; this is because they are the smallest family member of the edible onion. The flower grows the popular household herm chive but also creates a beautiful purple pompom like a bloom that has edible petals.

Viola Tricolor, which you may know as heartsease or Johnny-jump-up. These colourful, striking flowers bless us with their presence annually and are usually made up of three different colours.: deep violet, light blue or white with a striking yellow which looks almost gold. They offer a slightly sweet flavour, but mainly quite green and grassy. I would suggest sprucing up a cake or garnishing a salad with them.