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Larkspur, the July Birthday Flower

Larkspur, the July Birthday Flower

It’s July and for some of us, we are getting ready to celebrate our Birthday. What a wonderful month to be doing so, Happy Birthday to all that turn a year older in July. This month’s birth flower could be one of my favourites, it’s stunning and seems to be covering much of the English countryside. Might be a good idea to keep a lookout for this striking beauty, it’s called Larkspur and comes in quite a few different colours and shapes.

One of the reasons that this flower developed the name Larkspur is from the shape of the spur of which it grows, which resembles the hind toe of a lark. This gorgeous flower belongs to the buttercup family and is native to Europe.

What do they symbolise? Larkspur shows love, affection, strong attachment, lightness, pure heart, sweet disposition and a desire for laughter. Everything about this flower is wonderful, much like birthdays.